Is the NOLA School System a Replica of Colonialism? by Julia Ramirez

Day 3, NOLA

During a teacher panel at Green Charter School a former teacher told us, “The school system in New Orleans is a replica of Colonialism”. From my point of view I feel she was trying to pinpoint the fact that charter schools are taking over the existing
education system in New Orleans, implementing a school structure whose views derive from the outsider not the insider. In other words, the people that are running charter schools do not know a thing about what is happening in the city, leading to a lack of knowledge as to what New Orleanian children really need in terms of education in order to succeed. Many charter schools in New Orleans are creating a school structure mainly focused on standardized tests which is not reflecting any difference from what the schools looked like before the storm.

I feel that charter schools are monopolizing public education in New Orleans. Most of the charter schools in the city are independent, teaching students in various ways; however there are a few schools that are run by the same entity creating various schools with the same curricula. This does not mean that there is any difference between these charter schools though. What I’m seeing as the result of most charter schools is, children going to college with different educational understanding and experiences, all deriving from the same city schools, and all failing the school system. At the end of the day most institutions mainly focus on increasing test scores and reaching a benchmark where their school is at the top based on those test scores. Ultimately, the focus on test scores is what is important not the well being and education of the students themselves.

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